Lady Amalthea – The last unicorn

If you were to think about the most famous animated unicorn, the first one in your mind would probably be Lady Amalthea from ‘The last unicorn’.

the last unicornThis fairy tale is a true animation fantasy classic as it was made in 1982, based on the fantasy novel written by Peter S. Beagle from 1968. I’m not usually a big fan of fairy tales (believe it or not) however, I need to admit I enjoy this one so much!

Lady Amalthea lives in her forever green forest where she is protecting all the animals from the hunters. She’s a beautiful unicorn visible only by the chosen ones who are searching for unicorns and truly believe in them (she’s also often mistaken with the white mare).

The rest of the unicorns left the forest many, many years ago herded away by the Red Bull, but Amalthea did not want to believe that she is the last of her kind. She learns from a riddle-speaking butterfly who expresses that if she is brave enough, she will be able to find the others.

She decides to set out on a quest to find them throughout the dangerous yet magical world that she has never seen before. As the unicorns are safe only in their own forests and beyond they become common horses, it will be quite an interesting journey. On her way she will meet last unicornmany different and interesting characters – a goofy-but-lovable
Schmendrick’s magician (who will transform her into a beautiful girl to fool the bad guys), sensitive middle-aged woman Molly Grue or the evil king Haggard who is obsessed with attempting to capture all the world’s unicorns.

Is she really the last unicorn or will she find the others? Well that’s the whole point, you have to watch it to find out! I will only say that the ending can be seen in a positive as well as in a negative light, which is I think my favourite part of this fairy tale.

This movie is definitely not only for children and even though it’s a family movie, it doesn’t get too cutesy and sentimental. It is clear it was made in the 70’s or early 80’s, but it just adds more appeal to it.

One of my favourite trivia about it is that apparently Jeff Bridges volunteered to do this film for free, and recommended his friend Jimmy Webb for the soundtrack. This soundtrack was quite different from what I was expecting to hear as they have used modern music instead of instrumental or fantasy-themed music. It worked quite well as it was one of the bestselling albums of 1983 in Germany! Who would have thought!

last unicorn


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